About Kay and RKSC

Hello There, I’m Kay!! Thanks for dropping by!! Since you click on this tab I’m assuming you want to know more about me and my company, so here it is…..

My Actual name is LaKeshia but I go by Kay. I am a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece and animal mother to 2 cats. I’m married to the kindest man, Albert. He is my soul mate and best friend. I was born in Texas and have lived here my whole life. My hobbies include; baking, crafting, DIY’s, doing my nails and anything new I can learn. I’m a perfectionist and boy is the struggle real. I try to teach my self everyday that not everything has to be perfect. I’m a night owl, well its more of insomnia really, but I’m always on YouTube in the wee hours of the night learning new things. I’m a huge animal lover and have had many animals during my life so far.

I stated creating my own skin care when I was younger because most of the store-bought items were to harsh on my skin. I would break out and my skin would always be so dry. I started to research natural homemade products and stared to experiment with them. The 1st product I ever made was a sugar scrub. Since then, I stared to branch out into making myself other types of skin care items and eventually started to do craft shows to share the products I made. We have a dedicated room in our home where we create all of our products. Future plans for RKSC include opening a retail shop and expanding our product line.

Currently I have 2 Etsy shops; RandumbPlans & RandumbKaysSoapCo. They keep me super busy. My husband also has an Etsy shop; RandumbCreations where he creates custom coffee mugs and other things. Make sure you check them out.

Our goal in life is to buy some land in the middle of no where, have a few animals, some bees and live happy and healthy.

Make sure to check out the RKSC Instagram and Facebook Page to keep up to date with the new happenings and event we may be at.

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